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How To Be You Books

Find out How To Be You and Discover Skills You Didn’t Even Know You Had With Julie-Ann Blackmore’s E Books 

When Julie-Ann first started writing her first book How To Be You One A Story With A Difference’ in 2004 she knew she wasn’t just sharing her years of knowledge on the mind, body and soul no she was going on her own journey of self-discovery.

Sharing her words to encourage the reader to come along on their own personal journey she uses a combination of – concepts, wisdom, innovative metaphors, creativity, her own real life experiences, future predictions and truths to guide herself and the reader to become whole human beings.

As a psychic Julie-Ann has access to the future and used this ability to write to herself in 2004 and you the reader today, from her own future as the woman she would become when she had finished writing her collection of over 15 Self Empowering Books. She used her own words to guide herself onwards and upwards evolving into the female role model that she had searched for and never found. A woman who was to be healthy, happy and wealthy completely balanced in the material and spiritual world. Most women she had met previous to this all seemed to be too extreme one way or the other and she knew this kind of thinking created long-term problems and imbalance physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Throughout the books the reader is consistently encouraged to use the words to develop themselves and find out their own truth. Julie-Ann constantly involves the reader in each new discovery of her own leading them into new and empowering ways of thinking eventually offering them the chance to go beyond their own consciousness and into the place where life is one of ease and everyone and everything works in harmony with you.

Julie-Ann has used the vulnerability of her past self to show how afraid and wrapped up in conscious living we have become. Concepts that enlighten and delight and invoke freedom in the conscious mind are regularly introduced in easy down to earth language that when split into separate books, as they have been, enable everyone to be able to find some benefit from at least one of the many varied styles of books. Even if it is just to reaffirm what they already know.

There is a book designed for the business mind, the child and adult that learns through reading stories, the reader who likes a quick fix, a book of inspirational words, poems and quotes and many more.

Each book high lights the connection that we have as whole Creation and the power this affords us as our natural birth right. For those who struggle in quietening the mind long enough to accept this there are meditations, poems and stories/metaphors interspaced with factual truth taken from the author’s life to illustrate the point in a more humane way. There is even an audio book dedicated purely to people who like to meditate with a focus, offering the same freedom and peace of mind.

Each word allows the reader to change at their own pace and to discover their own way. In doing so the books act as the reader’s own personal guide or guru taking them on a journey of their own conscious, sub conscious and super conscious mind leaving them in a better place than when they started the book.

What seemed like a collection of simple yet effective guide books has evolved into a big business of products and services that empower people on the inside and the out including original art, fashion, inspirational thought-provoking I Cards, individual sessions and much more.

Does this mean Julie-Ann has stopped writing?

No it’s the complete opposite she already has 3 new books that she is working on to launch in 2014 and 3 more being published by Blueworks Ltd Digital Publishing company as you read this. So expect a lot more where this woman is concerned.

For full details and links to purchase her books from Apple and Kindle for E Reader, I Phones and I Pads visit her book page  or contact her direct

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