Live Events

As human beings we are forever EXPANDING through more UNDERSTANDING

Join me, live for 2 hours, as I tailor-make my events to support your needs, in revealing more about who you are and the abilities and power that we all have. (If you can’t join me in person then there will be an opportunity to watch the whole event in another way.)

Interactive, Fun, Informative, Expansive, Creative, Inspirational, Thought Provoking, Evolutionary, Empowering, often Healing and definitely Revealing. During these events I will provide live examples of my own minds capabilities and offer ways of how you too can use your mind, metaphysically and physically; to not only improve the quality of your health, life and longevity but also our planets.


  • I use a finely tuned mix of skills and depth of knowledge to bring you the best in group work at an affordable price.

  • Dates and venues of live events to be confirmed.

  • No under 16’s. Booking and Payment on-line in advance.

  • Please note: These live events will include some audience participation.