Mind Science/Background

Hi and Welcome to the New Mind

This is a brief background of my personal and professional life. My behind the scenes work has involved many years of my own research, observations, insights, theories and experiments on myself and many, many people to support me in doing my bit for human development.

My new and old discoveries are used within all of my work including examples of the metaphysical power we all have. This will be highlighted with videos in one of my newer, as yet unpublished, books called ‘The Power of The Mind’ and in person at my seminars being held in Bath, UK

Where It All Began

I originally wanted to change the world and make it a better place for myself and everyone and future generations to live in. My passion was people’s health so it had to do with that but how or what I wasn’t exactly sure.

At age 10 years old I predicted that I would be well known in a field of knowledge to do with health and it would involve years of research. I made a guess that I would  do something big like find a cure for cancer or somehow end suffering

I already knew I had ‘special’ skills that my friends didn’t possess, including accuracy of predicting mine and others futures, accessing facts about people that I hadn’t been told and using these to guide them with their problems in their life. I was always spot on with my accuracy and it not only astounded me but I was proud of myself to have and develop this skill. (It also made me quite popular with some of my age group at school.) I also knew things about material objects but could not explain how, for example I perfectly described a necklace that was hidden from my view and I had never even seen it before, when I was 10 years old and in junior school. I sensed energies and change and what was unexplained soon became more and more a normal part of my life and a lot of fun to know and do. As I got older I decided the label ‘psychic’ seemed to explain my extra abilities and became fascinated with using it to further my own understanding of health and the power of the human mind and soon my friends became part of my experiments to test some of my health theories on. My awareness of people’s minds and its affect on our bodies was growing strong

So back to my original prediction I decided professionally I would become a nurse and as I was too young to work properly (still aged 10) I volunteered at an old peoples home and then later on at a hospital to gain as much insight and work experience in nursing as I possibly could. I also had a passion for business and did voluntary and paid work in shops and my friends businesses to gain more knowledge until I was old enough to leave school and get full time work. My journey had really begun.

My personal life was terrible and very painful, so to cut a long story short, I was being  traumatized daily by my mother, father and sister who were physically, mentally and emotionally abusing me and further upset me at school by getting a gang of girls to do specific things to me that linked me back to the original traumas and caused me a lot of fear, humiliation and pain. They also exposed me to sexual abuse outside of family, at a very young age and then throughout my early life, so I wasn’t a happy child or teenager, for that matter. I wanted to do my A levels but I had no way of funding myself to stay on at school and also be able to leave home at 17 years old, as by now things were too bad to live with. So I left home and rented a room in a shared house and went on a Youth Training Scheme for Facility for Arts and Crafts. Making things was also a passion of mine and I ended up working in a knitting shop, machine knitting children’s and adults jumpers and selling them to customers.

Due to further destructive influences by my parents I soon became depressed having been led to believe I would never be able to nurse and that it was the end of my life. My heart broke and I was on anti depressants and totally despondent about all life for 10 months.

Yet, nothing would stop me from my chosen path to change the world and make it a better place for us all, now and in the future, so I never gave up on finding a way into my nurse training as I believed this as a career would lead me into my field of research where I could discover a cure for cancer or something similar. In a way it did support me to become a nurse but only in that it gave me a hands on approach to discover more about diseases and peoples health, than any research I could have undertaken in a lab. Also I wasn’t going to discover a cure with pills. That wasn’t my thing. Passionate and determined I soon realized that finding out the core root of our symptoms rather than creating another form of treatment for them was my thing, well part of it. So I found out I could take an entrance test to be accepted to train as a registered general nurse so it didn’t matter that I hadn’t finished my A levels. In 1990 I began my training.

Qualified nursing didn’t last long as it was cut short in 1994, by a head on car crash that left me physically in constant pain and partially incapacitated me for a number of years. (I braced myself on impact, only I forgot to take the ‘brace’ off after the crash!) More on the power of the mind and how it effects our bodies in The Power of The Mind book. But I had enough background evidence about disease and had already moved on to the next phase of my professional journey studying alternative remedies, aromatherapy and massage and exploring other practices that promised to heal and relieve people of their pain and suffering.

Alternative therapies led me on to discover I could heal using energy. This enabled me to start healing myself and the path of channeling and medium work unfolded and brought me back to my original ability of knowing facts about people without being told. I further discovered I could see, taste, sense, smell and hear beyond the normal senses and see inside of people’s minds, bodies and even hear their thoughts telepathically without any real effort being involved. This made life more interesting and my research became easier and easier as I started to further my understanding of who we are and how we function ineffectively on a day to day basis and the impact we are having on our own and each others health. My Extra Sensory Perception also had a knock on effect in my cooking because I could taste the food before I made it and intuitively knew which ingredients went well with each other thus cutting back on waste and any formal training. This will be highlighted in my other new unpublished book of recipes and self help guidance You Can Cook. I also use this insight and skill to design women’s fashion and accessories knowing what fabric works best with which design to suit and compliment any figure. There is more but for now that’s for me to explore…

Even though I wasn’t religious, for a brief period, after my car accident when I was in need of love and support I turned to Spirituality. This quickly became more food for thought and helped me to look more deeply into the emotional and spiritual side of life and led me onto exploring emotional intelligence and systems of beliefs using NLP and then more into Goal Setting and full circle back to the power of the human mind

In 2001 I set myself up in business and offered individuals guidance that was tailor made to suit their needs personally or professionally. I created miracles of change not just with their health but with their self belief, their skills and abilities and their finances and as always alongside my work I was doing the same for myself personally.

Finally I was physically pain free and happy that I was getting job satisfaction but it didn’t end there. In 2004 I said I would write a book, a best seller, a combination of NLP. Spirituality, Coaching, Real Life Experiences and Future Predictions with my face on the cover. That way I could guide lots of people not just a few. So I did write one book, whilst I went traveling for about 2 and half years, only during this time one book quickly turned into 16 and there were more to come so I could cover the whole of our personal development.

Of course I loved continuing on with my research and using my knowledge and skills to help many people en route to uncover what I set out to discover how we create disease and how we can create amazing health instead. I just didn’t realize way back then that I would open the door to a whole lot more.

Whilst studying and embodying NLP I started to experiment with the VAK’s (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) ways we use our mind to portray what is happening to our bodies. NLP taught me that If you can change the VAK’s then you can change the physical. So when I lived in Bristol in 2003 I used to go jogging in the woods and one day I stung myself with a nettle. I looked at how my mind was portraying this rash to me – redness, pain, the sound being made and I compared it to my other arm that had no sting. When I altered the VAK’s I watched the stinging rash just disappear from my arm. This fueled my passion of how incredible our minds are and encouraged me to question it and think of more empowering ways it could be used to help us expand and stop creating disease.

I have always had an inquisitive mind and also a lot of integrity but unfortunately logic. I couldn’t just accept the facts even when they were staring me in the face so I kept on revealing more and more of the truth by purposely stinging my arm to use this technique and each time the sting disappeared. I needed proof! Then I decided I should use it to make the rash appear on the other arm but I realized that was daft and wasn’t it better to remove pain than recreate it in some other form? I thought so

And this led me back to the beginning of what creates our pain and suffering?

So now you know my experiments can help you grow

I believe if someone is capable of doing it then why not give it a try 

I found that out years back in NLP through Modelling. People who understand that concept know we can intentionally change our beliefs, world models, opinions and behaviors if we can get inside the mind of the person we are modelling. In effect we can ‘copy.’

For example stopping smoking. Copy/model someone who doesn’t smoke, a non-smoker. Find out how they see themselves and what their beliefs are. If you adopt the ones you like from them then in theory you can be a non smoker too. And it can be used for your physical strength too, modelling athletes whose success stories you admire. You’ve probably already heard about it and not known the terms used for it. In essence we just copy who we want to be like

So this led me to look at animals and their behaviors. Next time your dog feels left out at meal times and starts hounding you (no pun intended) ask yourself if it is copying you as a human and wants what you are eating even though it’s body is not designed to have it? Then wonder why it is overweight, has ill-health or is crippled in pain. And then think about who you are copying and why you need to? Perhaps it all stems from the need to fit in? My book Compilation of Stories can help you with that one in building Strong Self Esteem so you feel as if you belong regardless of others opinions or judgments of you

Analyze it or just feel you can trust it

But only trust what totally resonates with you. (You know the shivers truth creates inside then let that help you believe in yourself.) Find out more with How To Be You One A Story With A Difference it’s a guide-book to take you on a journey of self discovery and develops you to be more than you were before

I believe once you have the basic principles to anything then you can mix and match and adapt them to whatever you need with ease

So with that in mind I realized that I could do more with my own mind than I used to do including understanding Life, Death and The Universe another book that I have written that has been reviewed, ‘As one of the most life affirming books I’ve ever read.’

My book Proof Positive was written specifically for people who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness or long-term pain to offer them empowering ways of healing themselves with the intention of preventing the disease continuing on or reoccurring and simply backs up my own beliefs that the mind heals the body intentionally

Discovering whatever I needed to know about the design of the mind and body allowed me to put it all together and use it in my everyday life for myself and my clients thus creating stress free productivity and pain-free living. No more struggling

Only I had forgotten about the metaphysical body as I had believed that was controlled by ‘Spirit.’ In 2005 I soon discovered that my ‘second skin’ was under my own control and had some amazing abilities that not only could it be used with my original intention of healing people in a less traditional manner than before but it could also be used as a form of protection, a magnet to attract or repel what I needed and I could use it to transform my physical body and material objects back into energy or into a new form

Seeing is believing, after all we do have logic in our minds and this creates doubt and physical problems. So in that respect, I was no different to you years ago and my doubt had to go for my trust in my new mind to grow. The following examples of my own metaphysical abilities took away my doubt so that’s why I’m sharing them with you now

  • Projected sounds and smells to other parts of the room with others present

  • Saw beyond the material layer into the next. eg. I saw a broken egg through the egg box as well as seeing inside people’s bodies to be able to pinpoint their physical problems 

  • Projected my energy outside of my body in ‘spirit form’ to deepen my understanding of ‘ghosts’  

  • Became completely physically invisible and without a reflection whilst I was standing in front of a mirror and on another separate occasion partially invisible (my legs disappeared) in the presence of someone else (No drugs or tricks were involved!)

  • Had an out-of-body experience when my body was lying unconscious after having had a fit

  • Crushed someone’s gall stones with waves of energy, shrunk and dissolved a physical cancerous tumor and re-aligned broken bones and brought mobility back to paralyzed limbs

  • Lit a fire with just my fingertip touching the wood in the grate, because I was cold and there was no other form of heat available. The previous fire had been dead for two days

  • Stopped myself and others from physical harm using my energetic field on more than one occasion

  • Moved objects from one place to another without touch

  • Levitated in the presence of another. (A bit frustrating as I had been trying to do that for years during meditation and never could and then it just happened!) The woman who saw me worshiped gurus for being ‘beyond human’ because of their spiritual abilities. I revealed to her that ordinary people like me can do it as well 

Trust has helped me to understand that we don’t know everything. So this isn’t so bad is it? But wouldn’t it be amazing if we did know everything? No! but knowing what we need to know when we need to know it to help others and ourselves grow, now that’s worth it

Through expansion comes deeper understanding

We are all one and the universal consciousness is in you or so I’ve been told. Now think what that actually means to you…

We are evolving

No big deal really evolution is simply about adapting to new times. We’ve been doing it for years. Read my book The Book Of Evolution for more help on that. Not exactly what you think but nonetheless it does offer some profound wisdom and a lot of insights to develop you more

And so it is with love and a good sense of humor I bring positive change to make our world a more efficient, prosperous, humane, healthier and joyous place to live.

Perhaps then people will stop looking forward to death to feel the connection they miss on earth and really start to enjoy life with open hearts and clear minds

Unfortunately not everyone is pure of heart and you know that feeling you get as if someone is throwing knives at you, well they actually are. Only they are energetic ones and you are feeling their metaphysical (mind) body throwing them at you

You also know chaos when you are in it.

Angry or aggressive people can create chaos with their minds not just their words or fists. Think about it next time you are asking yourself whether poltergeists really do exist. Could it really be the angry person is really creating the problem with their own mind power without even realizing it? Or perhaps not.

Remember it doesn’t hurt to question and ask yourself whether the source of knowledge is credible before you trust it, don’t just believe everything people tell you or you’ll end up even more confused. Go explore

So for now that’s it

Forever happy to show you I’m ‘armless’ this happened

Taken by my snap happy friend in June 2012 who was capturing the moon from my living room window

I knew I needed to be in the picture and before I had a chance to think about it I flapped my arms up and down once

My arms felt like they were made of energy and not really there when I did this. Now looking at the end result I can see that my arms aren’t there! I was speaking at the time he took the photo which, as my kind friend pointed out made me look like a vampire. Now I realize it was to get his attention to get me in the photo. Totally unnecessary as I was in it already. (Less is more springs to mind now in hindsight.) The picture is the perfect cover for The Power of The Mind. Funny that, as myself and my friend had already agreed that he would do most of the cover art photography for my books and we had both completely forgotten this fact. Life is just pure magic when you get it.

So where did my arms go? Answers on a postcard to…. No I’m only joking. But you have to admit even though the mind can play tricks there is definitely more to this as I still have a shadow. Fascinating!!!!!!!

Update December 2016

So now I’m 46 years old and waiting for my other prediction to come true that I would become an overnight success. (See Book of Truth written in 2004.) Well I haven’t really been sat waiting I have done a lot of professional creating and have been deepening my own understanding behind the scenes to make this happen and creating new pioneering and surprising ways of developing us further.

As well as on a more personal note taking all of my systems into account and continuing to develop each one to their fullest ability and then it was my bodies turn. This meant history had to be revisited and the pain and trauma unlocked and new empowering ways discovered and put in place to create prevention in order to replace protection from people’s behaviours. Not an easy thing to do but worth it to have a properly developed body that is full of health and vitality and no more contact from an abusive ‘family,’ or indeed disrespect from anybody.

Just imagine that, how little stressed out would you be if everybody you encountered had total respect for you?

And how would you feel physically without all that stress? (Food chain stuff, we need to evolve ourselves out of it by developing a strong core, read my books to find out more.)

And of course what I’ve found out about making improvements to our own health and development is always in everyone’s interest not just mine so more will be revealed to you as you go on your own developmental journey of all the rewards this brings for the rest of your life.

Now, I can only say that if it turns out that my predictions have been wrong and I am incapable of knowing the only true future that lies ahead for myself and others then I am truly sorry to myself and I will go and find a proper job and forget all about my purpose forthwith. Obviously I must have been living in denial all my life…..

But if I didn’t get it wrong and you get to read this because my work is well known, and you are one of the many people that can reap the rewards from my trust and passion to develop others combined with your need to develop and grow then it can only be of benefit to us both and I am truly grateful that against all odds and people’s doubt, that I proceeded with my dream to make the world a better place for us all