Payment and Terms

Methods of Payment

    • Original Art: Bank Transfer paying in advance of receipt of goods. These are one off payments and there are no hidden charges.

    • VAT: This will be added to the cost of your original art purchase.

Getting in Touch

Please use the Contact Form for all enquiries, media requests, orders and other business appointments.

Terms and Conditions 2020

All Julie-ann’s original artwork, illustrations, photographs, designs, spoken and written work including her own quotes are copy right to ©Julie-Ann Blackmore 2012 and as such can not be reproduced without her permission.

Where ever possible my Limited Company offers quantity and quality believing in not missing out on one to have the other. My ethos is always to offer value for my customers money.

I prefer to price my products and services using the strategy of supply and demand. Anything in small supply will be charged accordingly as will anything in big supply to accommodate as many people as possible.

Every effort is made to provide the customers of How To Be You Ltd with accurate and empowering knowledge and quality products and services. I wish to remind my customers that their minds, bodies, lives and finances are their own responsibility and as such they are solely accountable for any decisions or actions that they take. I do not make the decisions for them and have no accountability for the outcome of any guidance written or verbally passed on.

I respect everyone’s privacy and only use my mind to access any appropriate knowledge about someone else that will empower them by enabling me to offer them the best service.

It is your right as a consumer to cancel the purchase of a piece of art  for up to 14 days after the order and payment has been taken. You have a further 14 days from receiving the original art piece to return it if you change your mind. Obviously I would prefer that you are very happy with your purchase and feel you made the right decision in buying it in the first place. However if this is not the case and as long as it has not been damaged or tampered with in anyway I will be happy to fully refund the amount of the art piece and arrange a time and date when the courier can collect it from you free of charge.

If the art is damaged in any way in transit to you then I will offer you a full refund and arrange for the courier to collect it free of charge.

I do not agree with data sharing or unnecessary long time storage of my customers data. The bare minimum of details are taken and only used appropriately to provide the best service to the customer and only stored for as long as is appropriate.

Confidentiality is a priority and no customers needs or details will be discussed outside of the business team.

I employ or outsource specific jobs to a team of professionals based on their quality of work. I will always be the one who works with the individual and/or groups, writes/speaks the books and creates/designs the products. I ensure, to the best of my knowledge, that my suppliers of raw materials are reputable and ethical.

Data Protection Policy 2020

  • The Ltd company How To Be You Ltd will not store any data on customers or seminar participants for any longer than is necessary to provide the service or product that they are buying.
  • The data needed is the customer’s name, phone number, email, address and payment details; debit or credit card.
  • Any data received will be used appropriately for the transaction including writing an invoice of receipt after the payment has been received.
  • Customers will need to give of their own free will their name, a contactable phone number, their email and their payment details. Again these will be deleted as soon as they are no longer necessary.
  • All customers have the right to withdraw their consent to have their data stored at any time.

Privacy Policy 2020

  • Everyone has the right to object to giving their data on the first point of communication.
  • Any information including personal or professional details will not be shared without discernment as to whether it is completely necessary and only then on a need to know basis. 
  • Occasionally in my written and verbal work I use past real life professional experiences that may or may not have involved others. When I do this I will always change the person or person’s names unless they have given their own permission for me to use their real identity. Otherwise I always ensure that they are not recognizable from the information given. At any time an ex client is free to ask me not to use their specific experiences in my work and their wish will be met.

If there is cause for complaint please email direct via the Contact page and all grievances will be dealt with individually in the most appropriate manner.