Payment and Terms

Methods of Payment

    • Individual Sessions, Original Art: Bank Transfer in advance and there will be a debit/credit card paying facility later on

    • Seminars: Tickets can be bought on-line via the link from this website and incur a small booking fee which is included in the final price

    • VAT: This will be added to the original cost of your original art purchase, seminar ticket or individual session when the company is VAT Registered

    • On Line Products: The E books, Inspirational Cards and Audio Books are charged with VAT on top, from the relevant stores App Store and Kindle. the same with the art products on Red Bubble regardless of How To Be You Ltd Companies Vat status

Getting in Touch

Please use the Contact Form for all enquiries, media requests, orders and appointments

Terms and Conditions 2018

All original art, illustrations, designs, concepts, discoveries, quotes, spoken and written work is created by and therefore copy right to ©Julie-Ann Blackmore 2004 and as such can not be reused without her permission

Where ever possible Julie-Ann’s Limited Company offers quantity and quality believing in not missing out on one to have the other. Her ethos is always to offer value for her customers and clients money

Julie-Ann prefers not to have any hidden costs and to the best of her ability prices her products and services using the strategy of supply and demand. Anything in small supply will be charged accordingly as will anything in big supply to accommodate as many people as possible

Every effort is made to provide the clients and customers of How To Be You Ltd with accurate and empowering knowledge and quality products and services. Julie-Ann wishes to remind her clients that their minds, bodies and lives are their own accountability. She does not make the decisions for them and has no responsibility for the outcome of any guidance written or verbally passed on

Julie-Ann respects everyone’s privacy and only uses her own mind to access any appropriate knowledge about someone else that will empower them by enabling her to offer the best service

Julie-Ann does not agree with data sharing or long time storage of her customers, seminar participants or clients data. The bare minimum of details are taken and only used appropriately to provide the best service to the customer or clients and only stored for as long as is absolutely necessary

Julie-Ann has made the decision not to export her original artwork outside of the UK but will deal with agents for those who live overseas

If you need to cancel an appointment please contact Julie-Ann within 14 days of your  appointment date to re-book. Failure to do so may result in the full cost being charged

There are no promises and no money back guarantees as Julie-Ann provides quantity with quality at the best of her abilities with value for your money

Confidentiality is a priority and no clients or customers needs or details will be discussed outside of the business team

Julie-Ann outsources specific jobs to a  team of professionals based on their quality of work. She will always be the one who works with the individual and/or groups, writes/speaks the books and creates/designs the products. She ensures, to the best of her knowledge, that her suppliers of raw materials are reputable and ethical

If there is cause for complaint please email direct at and all grievances will be dealt with individually in the most appropriate manner