Self Development Books

Supporting you in becoming Self Aware, Other Aware and World Aware

Start your journey of discovery at which ever book you feel is right, then continue on through the collection deepening your own awareness changing as you go in order to grow. eBooks for iPad, iPhone and e Readers and PCs, Audio Books and Illustrated Stories to name but a few, that are designed to guide and develop you. Using poetry, personal experiences, future predictions, meditations, coaching, NLP, conscious awareness, metaphors, my own research, wisdom, truth and my psychic mind there is something for everyone to discover yourself inside and out.

Art Gallery

Originals of my empowering and expansive art.

Prints, cards and other practical art products are also available from Red Bubble

Coming Soon

Inspirational Cards for iPhone and iPad

Using a perfect combination of art and words these thought provoking Inspirational Cards come in packs of 60. Split into 10 different inspirational thoughts under 6 separate headings including Self Esteem Building, Inner Peace and Happiness, Relationship Building, Wealth, Health and Magic. Use these cards as often as you need; to bring clarity and wisdom thus empowering you to create a better life, body and sense of self.

Each section has a specific piece of my original art for you to develop yourself with and create further change from within.