Self-Development Books

In my books I use a finely tuned mix of personal experiences, NLP, coaching strategies, my own meditations, poems, quotes, stories/metaphors, research and insights, psychic and spiritual awareness, art works and my undying passion and commitment to my reader’s and the planets health and well-being to cover all your self- development needs.

As the reader reads they begin to realise that they are being guided in creating their own path of growth, releasing old beliefs, phobias and fears, insecurities, negative influences, becoming wiser, more observant of their own life and eventually mastering the power of their own mind, whilst creating a new sense of structure, joy, ease of living, clarity and improved health, intellect, skill base and overall well-being.

Move on from knowing yourself and mastery, to becoming more humane through following the tales of the fictional Creatures, and understand how and why other people think and behave in the way they do, and the effects this has on us, individually, collectively and our planets health and longevity.


All books shown are self-published and available to look inside, get a free sample and buy from Amazon

Each of the covers complements the book’s content and, other than the photos, are my own art works. Some of these original paintings and/or drawings/illustrations are available to purchase in the Gallery. Or why not buy your favourite art work including the drawings/illustrations on a variety of practical products at Red Bubble

How To Be You Self Development Series (25 books)

A series of books I have written to develop, expand, enlighten, heal, guide, and inspire, you, the reader on your own journey of self-development. These can be read in any order, or in the numbered order that they were written. You are encouraged to trust your own instincts to connect and buy the right book(s) that suits your  current self-development needs. Enjoy.



Fictional Hand-Illustrated Short Stories For Adults  (Not suitable for children.)

Creatures Series 1

Welcome to a community of fictional creatures with dominant features, who live on planet Zarg, a fictional mirror of Earth. You are invited to go on a journey of discovery, being introduced to the community and sharing in individual creature’s tales, to find out more about life on Zarg. Become aware of the parallels that exist between them and us, whilst realising the power you have to change your internal and external world. All illustrations were originally hand-drawn by me, with Sharpies (felt tip pens) on paper.

Will be available to buy as 15 separate individual illustrated short stories from Amazon


Story One – Me Travels Zarg

Story Two – God’s Gift Meets One In A Million

Story Three – Bloodsucker Goes To Town

Story Four – The Aliens Have Landed

Story Five –  Engulfed By Never Enough

Story Six  – The Love And Light Brigade Go On their Crusade

Story Seven – The Tale Of Squeaky Clean

Story Eight – The Ripple Effect

Story Nine – The World’s Gone Mad!

Story Ten – The Horror Tale Begins

Story Eleven  – The Grey Area

Story Twelve – Life After Respect

Story Thirteen – Who Knows What’s What?

Story Fourteen – Life On Zarg

Story Fifteen – Never To Return

Illustrations and Stories © Julie-Ann Blackmore 2014