Self-Development eBooks and Audio Bites

Use my empowering, unique and interactive self-development eBooks to guide you in understanding, healing and developing yourself; to be strong, healthy, full of life force vitality and in mastering your own mind and your life.

Explore your mind’s own power including your metaphysical abilities and use them to create improvements in yours, others and the world’s health, well-being and growth.

Increase your knowledge base, practical skills, reaching mastery skill level, all from developing from within.

Expand your consciousness to understand, and create a more discerning, compassionate, harmonious and humane world.


Each book has been specifically written with you in mind, to offer you the best results. So, pick the one that resonates with you now. (If you have adolescent children then I leave you to decide whether you want to share any of my work with them.)

All books shown are digitally published as eBooks and available to buy from Amazon.

For a synopsis and the link to buy simply click on the individual book cover.

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Each cover complements the book’s content and, other than the portrait photos, are my own art works. Some of these are available to purchase as originals in the Gallery. Or as prints on a variety of practical products at Red Bubble Shop. 



Inspirational WordsCompilation of Stories


Book of Evolution


Book of Love

Beyond Consciousness

Proof Positive

All and Nothing

Future Audio Bites

Enjoy listening and digesting bite size audios that are accompanied visually with Julie-Ann’s own empowering art work. The audio bites go into more depth about specific health, work and spiritual matters. Each bite lasts approximately 35 – 45 minutes.

See below for a few examples of the audio bites

Overcoming The Fear Of Rejection And Increasing Productivity

Breaking The Links To Old Traumas

How To Have Fame And Remain Anonymous

Avoiding Burnout

and many more.

Future eBooks

  • Meditations To Aid Being You  Letting go can seem the hardest thing to do. Yet, when we let go with joy and ease we can create space for the new to come in. Split into 2 parts this book offers 14 guided, simple and powerful, short visual meditations to aid the reader through letting go (section one) and then into acceptance (section two.) This book has a voice of its own.

  • How To Master Yourself And Your Life  Do you wish you could master your own emotions, mind, health, wealth and life in general? Then this book is for you. Guiding you to develop inner strengths, wisdom and awareness, this book offers you the tools to a rewarding, long and prosperous life.

  • The Power Of The Mind  A fun and informative book. Original photos and Julie-Ann’s own personal experiences are used to high-light wise and empowering ways of using the power of your own mind, on a micro and macro scale. Examples given include: understanding and changing cause and effect, realising your own ability to change the material into the non-material to improve physical health, telekinesis, instant manifestation, levitation and over-riding technology.

  • The Big 7 How To’s  A book that covers the 7 major issues most people face. Includes; how to be happy, how to be healthy, how to budget efficiently, how to achieve stress-free productivity, how to create work life balance, how to build empowering relationships and how to adapt to change. This short book combines text with Julie-Ann’s artwork, thus ensuring the big 7 problems won’t seem as big to you by the end of it.

  • Life’s Lessons  Wouldn’t it be great to have someone who’s been there and done it, to pass on their life’s lessons so you don’t have to make the same mistakes time and time again, making your life less of a struggle and more of a pleasurable and rewarding experience? Well, now you can with this short book. Complete with hand drawn art, to accompany you through the 20 life lessons, that are a must to know, to help you grow with ease and clarity.

  • 100 Quotes and 100 More Quotes  These 2 books combine Julie-Ann’s thought-provoking and enlightening quotes with more original artwork, to inspire and expand you.

  • Quotes For T-Shirts  For anyone who is stuck for empowering and thoughtful words to wear on their attire, here are some more short, original quotes from Julie-Ann.

  • Food For Thought  A collection of past “articles” written on a variety of topical subjects. Julie-Ann’s enlightening observations are definitely Food For Thought.

  • A Collection Of Poems  Original, inspiring, and insightful poems; specifically written to develop their reader’s mental/emotional health.

  • The Coffee Pot  This is a play set in a café in a busy city, and is a tale of two stories; one young and one old. When two women get together, the similarity of their lives changes the reader’s perception of what they’re thinking and portrays the sheer wonder and magic, of our capacity for growth as human beings. 

Fictional Hand-Illustrated Short Stories (Not suitable for children.)

Creatures – Series One 

  • 15 Individual Short Stories Welcome to a community of fictional creatures with dominant features, who live on planet Zarg, a mirror of Earth. You are invited to go on a journey of discovery, being introduced to the community and sharing in individual creature’s tales, to find out more about life on Zarg. Become aware of the parallels that exist between them and us, whilst realizing the power you have to change your internal and external world. All illustrations are hand-drawn by Julie-Ann.

A big thank you to my digital publisher Matt Powlson and his team from Blueworks Digital Publishing Ltd.