How To Be You Self Development eBooks and Audio Bites

Use my empowering, unique and interactive guide books as building blocks to understand and develop your core strengths physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, practically, your intelligence and  metaphysically. Through developing these systems you can really change and expand your internal and external world to create the best in your health, wealth and long term fulfillment. Then move on to develop your awareness about other people to enable you to have more discernment and compassion to live in a more harmonious and humane world.

Each book has been specifically written at the right level of awareness and growth for you so just trust your instincts on which one will suit your needs now.


All of the books displayed are published digitally and available to buy for e Readers and PC’s from Kindle Amazon or from the App Store for iPhone and iPad, with the new We Reader App.

The We Reader is a Universal IOS App compatible with iPad and iPhone. It offers the reader the ability to communicate in a group with other readers and journal alongside my words.

For more details on each individual book and the links to buy simply click on its cover.

Previews available from each store.

Each of the covers compliment the books content and are my own pieces of art. Some of these are available to purchase as originals from the Gallery.




Inspirational Words
Stories for the Business-mind
Compilation of Stories

Book of Truth

Book of Evolution


Book of Love

Beyond Consciousness

Proof Positive

All and Nothing

Coming Soon Audio Bites 

Enjoy listening and digesting 8 bite size audios that combine into 1 audio book interspersed with my own empowering art work. The bites go into more depth about specific health, work and spiritual matters. Each bite lasts approximately 35 – 45 minutes.

See below for a few examples of the audio bites

A Collection of Empowering Poetry (About Not Being Good Enough)

Overcoming the Fear of Rejection and Increasing Productivity

Breaking The Links To Old Traumas

The Mind’s Energy

Becoming An Overnight Success

How To Have Fame And Remain Anonymous

Changing How History Effects Our Bodies

How To Sail Through Pregnancy

How To Be Respected In The Work Place

Improving Your Own Memory

Avoiding Burnout

Future Books Being Published Soon

To continue your growth.

  • Meditations To Aid Being You  Audio and Text. Let go and accept through this delightful and empowering 2 ways eBook. Turn it one way you have audio then turn it the other and you have text of 14 guided short yet incredibly powerful meditations.

  • How To Master Yourself And Your Life  Needing no explanation this book does as it says it does with strategies and insights to develop you to be the master of yourself and your life.

  • The Power Of The Mind  A fun and informative book that takes you to a whole new level of consciousness about human health, intelligence and your self metaphysically. Using a combination of Julie-Ann’s own original photos with personal experiences she introduces wise and empowering ways of using the power of your own mind on a micro and macro scale. Including changing our own molecular structure to improve our physical health, telekinesis, levitation, over riding technology and true instant manifestation.

  • The Big 7 How To’s  A book that covers the 7 major issues most people face including how to be happy, how to be healthy, how to budget efficiently, how to create stress free productivity. This book combines audio and text with Julie-Ann’s artwork thus ensuring the big 7 problems won’t seem as big to you by the end of it.

  • Life’s Lessons Wouldn’t it be great to have someone who’s been there and done it to pass on their life’s lessons so you don’t have to make the same mistakes time and time again, making your life less of a struggle and more of a pleasurable and rewarding experience? Well now you can with this short book. Complete with art to accompany you through the 20 life lessons that are a must to know to help you grow with ease and clarity.

  • 100 Quotes and 100 More Quotes  These books combine Julie-Ann’s thought provoking and enlightening quotes with more original artwork to inspire and empower you on your journey of truth.

  • You Can Cook  Combining Julie-Ann’s tasty homemade recipes and personal development insights, knowledge and empowering strategies this book takes you to new heights of inner awareness and fun.

Illustrated Short Stories For Adults

Creatures – Series One 15 Short Stories  To develop your awareness of other peoples personalities thus enabling you to grow in your understanding, discernment and compassion. Choose who you wish to spend your time with and who you wish to be.

And there are more written surprises to further develop and entertain you. All will be revealed when the time’s right.