Proof Positive

Proof PositiveWhat heals? You decide. In an age where modern medicine sometimes fails us and alternative methods are becoming more widespread; where does the healing actually come from? This book challenges beliefs and opens the readers mind to be able to self heal. Written from a place of pure compassion don’t be surprised if this book unlocks your pain. 

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“The book she chose for me is titled Proof Positive and is about healing. It blew me away. First of all, there was no way she could have known that I’ve been fighting a few health problems this year and this book was the perfect choice for me. As I read this book I felt that God was talking to me directly and that love was flooding through me. It seemed to be written for me and for me alone.  I found myself being quite emotional at times – something that rarely happens when I read a book for review.  I know that I am different now in a way, better than I was before I read it. Something has shifted. I will read it again, this time slowly letting every word do its job.”  Irene Conlan Owner the Self Improvement Blog

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