Art Gallery

Neither self-taught or trained in painting Julie-Ann uses the medium of art as another tool to develop you and incorporates many different advanced painting techniques. All of her art work has also been specifically designed to combine with the How To Be You Development E Books and Audios either as visual content, illustrations or as the cover to offer the reader more value for their money

Each piece of art also has the added advantage of being at least 2 pieces of art in one. Still remaining as empowering and perfectly composed any way the owner wishes to hang it. That is why they are sold unframed so you can choose which way suits you

The sheer act of painting at a high level of practical skill without having previously learned any techniques fueled Julie-Ann’s curiosity and passion about our further development and led her to understand more about the relationship between our skills and our minds. (More depth on this topic as well as all aspects of a person’s health is revealed in her self development books and Development Seminars)

The original unframed art pieces, for sale below, were painted mainly using acrylic on canvas and all are accompanied with their own certificate of authentication and back ground story of how and why they were created signed and dated by Julie-Ann

To place your order direct and purchase the original piece of art please use the Request Form 

Payment and Terms full payment is required up front and Julie-Ann operates on a first come first served basis on who to sale her art too. As a courtesy to her customers the prices shown include a full private courier service that offers door to door delivery at a prearranged time, date and destination of your choice

There are no hidden costs and VAT will only be added when the company is VAT registered. To keep things simple Julie-Ann does not trade her original art out of the UK but will deal with agents for overseas buyers.

As an alternative to buying one of her originals and for more choice at a smaller price, why not choose a print or your favourite art piece in a practical format such as cards, I Pad and I Phone Covers, Tote Bags and Cushions and many more options. Please go direct to Red Bubble  Prices start from £2.40 for a card and there’s something for nearly everyone

Personal collection is also possible by appointment only. The originals are stored in Bath, UK

Original colours may vary slightly from the photos shown

Acceptance £4,200

Acceptance 30″ by 30″ £21,000

Celebration 36” by 36” £7,300

Celebration 36″ by 36″ £32,000

Light ACRYLIC 36” BY 36”

Light Acrylic 36″ by 36″ £32,500

The World1 24

The World 1 24″by 30″ Single £20,000  pair £37,750

The World 1 24

The World 2 24″ by 30″ Single £20,000 pair £37,750

Wisdom ACRYLIC 36” BY 36”

Wisdom 36″ by 36″ £32,000

No Fear ACRYLIC 36” BY 36”

No Fear 36″ by 36″ £32,000


Love 30″ by 40″  £25,000

Truth 36

Truth 36″ by 36″ £32,000

Vortex of Infinity 36

Vortex of Infinity 36″ by 36″ £32,000

Tranquility 24

Tranquility 24″ by 24″ £22,000

Clarity 36

Clarity 36″ by 36″ £32,000

Future Art

More original cover art will be available for sale after Julie-Ann’s new written books and audio bites have been published