Art Gallery

Neither self-taught or trained in painting, I use the medium of art as another tool to develop you, whilst incorporating many different advanced painting techniques. All my available art work has been specifically designed to combine with the Self-Development eBooks and Audios as visual content, illustrations or the cover art.

Discovering that I can paint without having previously learnt any painting techniques, fueled my curiosity and passion about our skills development. This led me to understand more about the relationship between our skills and our mind. More depth on this topic, as well as all aspects of a person’s health, are revealed in my self-development books and Live Events. 

I have chosen to sell my original canvas art pieces unframed. They all come with fixings on the back and are ready to hang as soon as you receive your chosen piece. All my art is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, signed and dated by me and gives their new owner the individual artworks background story. 

The art shown below is now available to buy and has been painted on canvasses using acrylics.

To place your order to purchase the original piece of art please use the Request Form.

Payment and Terms full payment is required up front and I operate on a first come first served basis. Prices are available on asking and currently exclude VAT. As a courtesy to my customers, I offer a free private courier service that will deliver your artwork at a prearranged time, date and destination of your choice within mainland UK. Overseas shipping is available by negotiation. There are no hidden costs.

As an alternative to buying one of my originals and for more choice, at a smaller price, why not choose a print or your favourite art piece in a practical format such as cards, iPad and iPhone covers, tote bags, cushions, duvets, wearable fashion and more. Please go direct to Red Bubble Prices start from £2.10 and there’s something for nearly everyone.

Original colours may vary slightly from the photos shown.

Measurements are given in inches and the height comes before the width.

Acceptance £4,200

Acceptance 30″ by 30″ Cover art for Compilation Of Stories

Celebration 36” by 36” £7,300

Celebration 36″ by 36″ Cover art for Pocket Book On How to Be You

Light ACRYLIC 36” BY 36”

Light Acrylic 36″ by 36″ Cover art for Proof Positive

The World1 24

The World 1 30″ by 24″ Cover art for Inspirational Words For An Inspirational World

The World 1 24

The World 2 30″ by 24″ Cover art for Inspirational Words For An Inspirational World

Wisdom ACRYLIC 36” BY 36”

Wisdom 36″ by 36″ Cover art for How To Be You Three – Fact or Fiction you Decide?

No Fear ACRYLIC 36” BY 36”

No Fear 36″ by 36″ Cover art for How To Be You Two – Life, Death And The Universe


Love 40″ by 30″ Cover art for The Book Of Love

Truth 36

Truth 36″ by 36″ Cover art for The Book Of Truth


Clarity 36″ by 36″ Cover art for The Book Of Evolution

Vortex of Infinity 36

Vortex of Infinity 36″ by 36″ Cover art for Beyond Consciousness


Tranquility 24″ by 24″ Cover art for Little Book Of How To’s

Future Art

More original art will be available to buy after my new written work has been published.