Individual Appointments

Julie-Ann has spent over 35 years researching us in order to find a way to end our pain and suffering. Well that was her original plan only through her discoveries of how we create disease and struggle in our lives she uncovered more than she was expecting and now understands human beings by our design

Based on Julie-Ann’s loyalty, integrity and foresight to support as many people as she could in their own health and development, regardless of their financial circumstances, she created many affordable and varied ways including books. This way she has ensured that she can supply a larger demand of people than she could directly. Her knowledge is tailored to you and is widely available through Self Development Books and Audio Bites 

Julie-Ann will also be available to see a small amount of clients individually on specific core issues

What can I expect

Using a combination of skills tailored to suit your individual needs Julie-Ann not only aims to eliminate the symptoms or negative effects present she also sheds light on the original root and offers guidance and tools to prevent any further reoccurrence.

As Julie-Ann generally achieves amazing results in a short space of time, sessions are charged at one price and last up to 1 hour.

If more than one session is necessary on any one specific problem, although this is rare, then the price remains the same and the next appointment will be arranged at the end of the first one.

Julie-Ann’s work offers you the added benefit of costing less in the long-term whilst providing you with long-lasting results due to her unique and empowering methods and depth of knowledge.

‘When you find the core then you have the cure then you are free to discover more’ Julie-Ann Blackmore


They can be held in person in Bath, UK, or via Phone or Skype

There are no promises or guarantees but every client Julie-Ann has worked with in this tailored and incredible manner has experienced successful and long-lasting results


Please use the  Contact Form to book your appointment

Appointment availability is limited to 9am – 5pm

Tuesdays and Thursdays and a maximum of 10 clients per week

For more details on terms and payment


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