Welcome to Your Journey of Self Discovery

Hand in hand we walk this land and change many people’s lives.

After many years of my own research on human health, human intelligence and on how we can use the human mind metaphysically to our advantage, I have created a broad range of products and services that enlighten and develop you on the inside and the out including

Self Development eBooks and Audio Bites

Original Self Development 2 in 1 Art

Art Products Including Cards, Prints, iPhone and iPad Covers, Wearable Fashion, Stationary, Tote Bags, Duvets and Cushions

Live Events

Through becoming more self aware you open the door to discovering and creating more efficiently. Understand and make positive changes to all of your systems: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical including your own genes. Improve your finances, relationships and work choices. Expand your intelligence, consciousness and practical skill base and create long-lasting success, longevity of life and true inner peace happiness and fulfillment effortlessly.

Enjoy using your own mind metaphysically to enhance yours and others lives materially.

Move on to become more aware about people’s personalities to increase your compassion and discernment and finally become more world aware to create better informed choices throughout your own and others lives.

Then together we can discover more about the Universe to understand our place as a species and how we can improve all of our lives longevity by realizing the importance in what we are all doing to our planet now and into the future.

My Story

Throughout my life my professional purpose has always been fueled by deciding to make a big difference to the world to make it a better place for us all to live in. I began at age 10 years old with a passion of researching how we create disease and I asked was it created by us internally. My years of hands on work, research, theories and tests led me to the core which revealed more, including where our diseases are coming from and how we can heal and prevent ourselves from further ill health. I also developed a much deeper awareness of myself, others and the world. I began to understand the complexities of human beings, our lives and the magic of how it and we all fit and explored more about consciousness. I also grew in my own business awareness and abilities and I am proud to share what I know to support you in all areas of your own growth through my work today.

Through my own development I became stronger in all of my systems, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. My conscious awareness grew and I am currently discovering more about how to increase my knowledge base on any subject from within. I have also uncovered how I can be at the top skill level practically of any skill without having to first go through the learning curve or even know the techniques that I am using. So I’m having fun with that. As well as finding out more about what my minds capable of doing metaphysically. See Mind Science/My Background for examples of this including a photo of myself with no arms. It’s mind expanding!

My ethos has and always will be quality with quantity to the best of my own ability. So everything I create has been and will continue to be specifically tailor-made with you in mind, as that way it compliments your needs perfectly and offers you more for your money. This also means you spend less time and still get the results that you need.

Coming Soon

Inspirational eCards 

New eBooks including audio, text, art and illustrations


Thank you for wanting to develop yourself as only through this will our world become a better place for everyone.


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