Welcome to Your Journey of Self-Discovery

Hand in hand we walk this land and together we change the world.

Do you want to feel more empowered, positively change your overall well-being, realise and fulfil your potential in all areas of your health and life?

Through self-development you can create the changes you want to enable yourself to be healthier, live longer, have more fun, and fulfilment, and prosperity in your life. Expand your own awareness and master your own mind’s power, explore the metaphysical/spiritual/energy, increase your knowledge base and your skills, and add to our world and planet’s health and development.

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My Story

To know me is to grow with me.

Throughout my life, my professional purpose has always been fuelled by my passion; people’s health and development. As a child I had a future vision that I would be well known in a field of knowledge to do with health, and it would involve years of research. I forgot about that and pursued my original intention, to find a way to stop us getting ill. I knew that I was clever and I wanted do something to make the world a better place for us all to live in. That was the beginning of years of my own research. My extra sensory perception (ESP), combined with a variety of experiences, through voluntary and paid work, training and qualifications in many areas of health, including putting my own theories to the test, eventually led me to the core. This enabled me to reveal more about our own individual power as human beings. See Mind Science/My Background for examples of what’s possible; including a photo of myself with no arms. It’s mind expanding!

My own passions, including my focus for personal growth, got me through many years of traumatic domestic abuse. Over time, and through lots of self-development work, I had a much deeper awareness of myself, others and the world. I began to understand the complexities and magic of our minds, our lives and explored more about universal consciousness. I mastered my own mind and created new ways of improving the quality of my own and other’s health, life, knowledge and skills.

My ethos has, and always will be, quality with quantity to the best of my own ability. So, everything I create is specifically tailor-made with you in mind, that way your needs get met and you get more for your money. This also means you spend less time to get the lasting results that you want.

Thank you for choosing to develop yourself as through this our world becomes more humane and a healthier place for us all.

Julie-Ann Blackmore